About Ishikawa Dental Clinic(EN)

Your appearance is your own creation.

Chofu Sengawa Ishikawa Dental
Your appearance is your own creation Whiter teeth brighten your smile.
Your smile attracts others.
We are delighted to support you with dental care.
You become more confident.


In order to acquire the white teeth, health and true beauty it is not enough to have the medical treatment by the dentist only.
Ishikawa DC supports the clients in total.

Doctor = technical skill, medical knowledge
Counseling = aesthetic, mental knowledge or enhancing your beauty.

  • We value the informed consent and try every effort for you to receive treatment until coming into mutual agreement.
  • All treatment goes by appointment and they are usually in charge of one Dr.
  • We are ready to cross the bridge to the Dr. in English(it needs an appointment)
  • We complete the prevention system by dental hygiene.
  • These are our thoughts based on the policy to treasure the communication among the patients, stuff, and Dr.

Treatment Menu

  • Orthodontics
  • Preventive dentistry
  • General dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Implants
  • Whitening
  • Counseling



Address: 3110building 3F 1-18-2 sengawacho chofucity Tokyo ZIP 182-0002


Office Hours

診療時間 mon tue wed thu fri sat sun

△…Saturday:10:00-13:00 14:00 – 17:00
【Sunday and holidays : CLOSED】

Doctors and Staff members

(English-speaking, has studied abroad)

Nippon Dental University,
Two years postgraduate study at Tokyo Medical and Dental University specializing in oral surgery Specialties: Oral surgery General dentistry Hobbies: Surfing Diving Skiing Music

A message from one of our members
I want to be the kind of doctor in whom the patient retains confidence throughout his lifetime.

(English-speaking, has studied abroad)

Nippon Dental University One year postgraduate study at Tokyo
Medical and Dental University Specialties: General dentistry Pediatric Dentistry
Hobbies: Reading Diving Cooking Music Traveling

A message from one of our members
When providing treatment, courtesy is a primary consideration.

Ishikawa Dental Clinic Board Member,
Graduated from High School and Business College in Ohio, USA. Flew with two different airlines.

English teacher, founder&chairwoman of NPO Rising Cloud. Currently promoting Japanese culture with its spirit to the world.

A message from one of our members.
Prevention is the best treatment.
The Ishikawa family has produced generations of dentists since 1930. Dr Soichi Ishikawa, the head of our clinic, is the third generation.
We would like you to maintain strong and beautiful teeth throughout your life. It would be our honor and pleasure to advise and support your lifelong dental health.

Counseling Menu

Treatment plan is based on the counseling.
There are three steps with protection, cure and beauty.
We draw up your own plan in total.

Ishikawa DC values the appropriate communication.
Counseling system is also programmed to bridge between doctor and patients.
Counselor tries to make the plan understandable with easy explanation.
We also try to tell you how important each tooth and the gum is for your future.

  • stCounseling
  • stTreatment Plan
  • stDental Treatment, Home Protection
  • stTreatment & Prevention
  • stAesthetic Beauty
  • stMaintenance

Haven’t you ever thought dental clinic = dental cure?

Dental cure is only one step to get the healthy and beautiful teeth.
To maintain that health and beauty you need the protection.
To brighten and be more attractive you need the sense of beauty.
With these three steps none can easily beats your brightness.
Of course some only need protection, while others want sense of beauty.
It is our job, counseling, to suggest each one’s teeth in total.
IDC Creative Beauty makes or suggests treatment planning by Dr. and counselor.
Let’s try and work together to obtain the beautiful smile.
Dr. and our stuffs are there for you to promote your dental IQ. ( Counseling day is Monday,Wednesday at IDC)

It is possible to receive only counseling with no charge.

About the price

Have you heard the difference among ceramic, all ceramic and hybrid ceramic? They are the material of fillings and crown. Ceramic is made of china and hybrid ceramic is made of ceramic90% and plastic10%.
Ceramic and all ceramic are suited for the front teeth because of its whiteness, brightness, and transparency while hybrid ceramic is less expensive but it is suitable for the back tooth. It has the softness by adding a little bit of plastic in it and makes the same hardness as a natural tooth that is very good for opposition tooth, as well as both jaw bones in a long period.

Each material has its own suitable way and you will be blessed by that merit.
Generally speaking, people have an impression that our charge is high.
But it isn’t, comparing to what you receive from them.

Price List
(everything can be done by Japanese insurance except below)

An aesthetic appreciation material does not leave the trace of cavity medical treatment.

Hybrid Ceramics
  • Inlay(stuffing) 40,000yen
  • Crown(covering thing) 65,000yen
Ceramics, a metal bond
  • Inlay(stuffing) 60,000yen
  • Crown(covering thing) 95,000yen
Fine Ceramics
  • 120,000 – 150,000yen

It is the metal best in the molar which protectsyour important tooth.

  • Inlay(stuffing) 50,000yen
  • Crown(covering thing) 100,000yen
Platinum Gold
  • Inlay(stuffing) 60,000yen
  • Crown(covering thing) 120,000yen

with which it shines? Dental bleaching can be performed easily at a house.

About number-of-times 4-5 period 1 month
  • Total Price 35,000yen


  • Total Price(including upper crown) 350,000yen
Teeth cleaning
  • 10,000yen
(it takes one hour) x ray takes
  • 3,500yen for check up